George Vale is an award winning director/dp best known as the video making machinery behind Arts & Crafts Records and co-founder of Experimental Parachute Moment, the A.V. club that helped drive the popularity of Broken Social Scene, Feist, Stars and others. He’s also worked for Drake, The Rolling Stones and was the film maker who kept the cameras rolling during an African gun battle for the Gemini award nominated, War Child documentary, Rocked – Sum41 in Congo. After years of working in advertising and music he created the title sequence for the CBC crime series Cracked and then shot his first show for the History Channel marking the start of his intentions to create dramatic content. He currently lives in Toronto and is working on a true crime screenplay and recently started testing content for The Terrortainer Presents, a pop horror brand he is developing for cinema and tv.


Between 1994 & 2015 – 37 MMVA Nomination’s as Director, DoP, Editor & VFX

Between 1994 & 2015 – 4 Much Music Video Awards as Director

2012 Stereogum – Top 5 Videos of the Week 

2010 CBC Radio Bucky Award Nomination – Best Music Video

2010 Gemini Award Nomination – Best Original Digital Media Series

2009 TIFF Official Program Selection

2008 Spin – Top 20 Music videos

2007 Pitchfork – Top 50 Music Videos

2006 – Top 10 Music Videos

2006 Rolling Stone – Rocked, Sum 41 In Congo Documentary 

2006 Gemini Award Nomination – Best Youth Non-Fiction Program or Series

2006 Independent Music Award Nomination – Best Video

2005 Juno Award Nomination – Best Video

2004 Resfest – Official Program Selection

2002 Playback Magazine’s – Favourite Cover Of The Year

2002 Casby Award – Best Music Video

2001 Casby Award Nomination – Best Music Video

2000 American Cinematographer – October Issue – Testing the Waters  

1996 MTV Music Video Award Nomination for – Best Hard Rock Video

1996 Billboard Music Video Award Nomination – Best Hard Rock Video

1996 Playback Magazine – Top 10 Commercials Of The Year

1995 Molson & Marketing Magazine – New Talent Award

IG @dastudiorat